Houston Personal Injury and DWI SEO Search Landscape – October 2016

Over the first month of this website we have highlighted the Los Angeles personal injury Google search landscape. Today, we are going to look at one of the largest cities in America that is often in the top 3 for worst traffic and craziest drivers – Houston, Texas. Anyone that has been to Houston, Texas knows just how difficult it can be to get from one side of town to the other.

One of the main reasons for this is the sheer size of the city. Houston is enormous as it can take over two hours to get from the north side of the city to the south side of the city. With this being the case, it should come as no surprise that there are many vehicular accidents on a daily basis. When there is an area with a large number of car accidents you can be rest assured there will be plenty of personal injury lawyers offering their services to help potential clients.

Also note that the large number of drivers in the area also means there are likely to be more DWI citations. We have heard through a number of different sources that Houston is always in the top 20 in terms of DWIs or DUIs issued on a yearly basis. This is not surprising as Houston is a city that loves to enjoy the time off; especially during the weekend.

It is also important to note that Houston has many major events every single year. These events include NFL football games, college football games, NCAA basketball tournament games, major rodeos, concerts, Major League Baseball games, NBA basketball games and a plethora of other adult entertainment options. Every weekend, there is a major event taking place somewhere in the City of Houston.

So, what lawyers are getting clients from being ranked at the top of Google search?

Personal Injury Law

Terry Bryant is a name that comes up over and over. Whether you are searching for personal injury keyword phrases or a car accident lawyer you are going to see Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law. It is very interesting to note that it is nearly impossible to find a photo of Terry Bryant on his website. You can find out his professional memberships and education but finding a photo is not possible; at least not at first glance.

Terry Bryant has several other associate lawyers that have a photo or video on his website, but Terry Bryant himself is not the “face” of the brand. This is something that most young lawyers struggle with as they all want to spend thousands of dollars on professional photos for their website. In Houston, Texas, you can clearly see that SEO is not improved by having professional photos.

Another interesting note as it relates to the Terry Bryant website is the fact that there are pages that have flash videos. When surfing to the website on Safari you cannot watch the videos as it will say “flash is out of date”. We would strongly recommend never putting videos on a website that require flash. Visitors that are using almost any Apple product, such as an iPhone, iPad or MacBook, will not be able to view these videos.


When it comes to DWI law a new “player” on the scene is the Mario Madrid Law Firm. The Mario Madrid Law Firm Houston DWI page┬áis one of the most extensive we have seen for Houston or throughout the entire United States. While most law firms struggle to get 200 or 300 words of content on their DWI areas of practice page, Mario Madrid has over 2000 words of great content and it looks to be expanding every single week.

We have often predicted that well laid out, longer content will be extremely valuable in terms of SEO in the future. Think of the hundreds and thousands of different keywords phrases that a longer document will show up for. If your areas of practice page is simply 200 words the number of different keyword phrases is much less than a page that is 1500 words long.

This is something to think about before hitting publish on your areas of practice pages. We completely understand that blog posts updating car accidents or new DWI laws can be hard to expand upon but an areas of practice page should be an ever evolving piece of content. With the proper drop down links and photos you will be able to break up the content while also pleasing the Google algorithms.

It is interesting to see how the Mario Madrid Law Firm is using their website to offer useful information to potential clients. While the Mario Madrid Law Firm is a criminal defense firm, they have also expanded to personal injury. This is not something uncommon and can prove to be very useful in terms of SEO. All those great car accident resources and blog posts will only make the rest of the website even more powerful.

Remember that Google Penguin 4.0 will now look at specific web pages and not the entire domain. If you have one specific article that is great and other articles that are subpar that particular great article will not be harmed. Even though this is the case, we still strongly suggest making certain that every page is something that any website visitor will want to consume. This can be difficult in personal injury and DWI but with the proper content creation team it is possible.

Now that Mario Madrid is going after personal injury and car accident keyword phrases it will be interesting to see just how long it takes the firm to get close to the front page. In almost all major cities, it is much more difficult to rank for “car accident lawyer” than it is to rank for something like “family lawyer”. We all know the reason for this is the payout of the case.

Moving Forward

While we may not create a Top 10 for the Houston, Texas personal injury and DWI lawyer market we will try to update this resource along with others on our blog. As soon as the rankings change we will inform you of what law firms have the best SEO team that took the algorithm updates in stride and helped the law firm rank even higher.

If you want to rank your Houston, Texas personal injury or criminal defense law firm higher in Google search make sure to contact us today. We can offer personal injury SEO or content creation that will set your firm apart. Do not miss out on this opportunity as more and more potential clients will be looking to find a lawyer while searching on their smartphone or laptop computer.