Top Miami Law Firms and Lawyers

When looking at the top Miami Law Firms and Lawyers there are a few names that consistently pop up. These include Hager & Schwartz, P.A., Goldberg & Rosen, Gerson & Schwartz, Wolfson Law Firm and Xander Law Group. A name that is popping up more and more is Rosemburg Law. Prior to opening his own law office, Mr Rosemburg “was a partner in the pre-eminent litigation department of Broad and Cassel, LLP where he practiced in the areas of complex commercial and business litigation with an emphasis on contract disputes, business torts, and intellectual property.”

To rank in the Miami area it is going to take some time and effort. It is not as easy as creating a WordPress website and watching it climb the rankings to the top. These law firms have been working for years on their websites. With content, links and backend SEO work, most Miami law firms have laid the groundwork to rank for their specific areas of practice.

One suggestion to any law firm in Miami or any other city in the United States is to focus on an area of practice in which your firm excels. Rather than trying to be everything to everyone, it is much better to focus on what you do best. That may be a specific area of personal injury such as bike accidents or business litigation for immigrants. Your firm’s skill set should be on display through the content and overall look of your website.

Ranking at the top of Google Search is not an overnight process. Even if you have years of content and links built, it can still take an SEO expert several months, possibly years, to properly optimize the site to rank at the top of page 1. Also note that ranking at the top for the most highly competitive keywords is not always the best SEO strategy. It is often better to rank for keywords that are less competitive as it will allow your Miami Law Firm to carve its niche.