Who Does Cellino & Barnes, Personal Injury Attorneys’ SEO?

A name that has come out of nowhere to jump to the top of page 1 for “Los Angeles car accident lawyer” is Cellino & Barnes, Personal Injury Attorneys. While Cellino & Barnes has been around the scene for longer tail Los Angeles personal injury keywords, they were never in the top 5 or top 3 for phrases like “Los Angeles car accident lawyer”.

By doing a little bit of research, it is quite obvious Cellino & Barnes is pushing the envelope in terms of SEO. They are updating their blog about once a day with a very thorough and informative blog post. It is interesting to see they are splitting up the blog posts from New York to Los Angeles. Cellino & Barnes have offices in both New York City and Los Angeles which are the two largest markets for personal injury lawyers.

With all of this great content comes natural links. While we are certain there is a link building campaign going on for Cellino & Barnes they are likely getting natural links from these great blog posts. We have often predicted that longer blog posts end up leading to better SEO. That being said, it can sometimes be difficult to write an long blog post about a car accident in which there is very little information.

We were unable to find the exact SEO Firm or Agency that is currently working with Cellino & Barnes. One thing is for certain, this is quite the task as Cellino & Barnes ranks in both New York and Los Angeles. They have a huge lawyers list and we are certain they are busy every day of the week as this firm must be getting dozens of cases a week from their website.

Over the next several months we will continue to monitor the Cellino & Barnes website and not any changes in search rankings. As of mid October, this law firm is doing very well and will be moving higher in the Los Angeles personal injury lawyers search rankings.¬†Look for them to jump into the top 5 in the near future if they continue to ascend up the “car accident” rankings they way they have in the last few weeks. Maybe Google Penguin 4.0 has been very good to this firm. It has definitely been good for their bottom line.

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