Who is Daniel Kim, Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer?

Recently, Daniel Kim – Car Accident Lawyer has been showing up in the top 3 of the Google Local Pack for the “Los Angeles car accident lawyer” search. Mr. Kim owns thecaraccidentlawyer.org which is nowhere to be found in organic search rankings. This makes us wonder, who is Daniel Kim and how did he get into the Local 3 Pack on the front page of the search results?

On thecaraccidentlawyer.org website Mr. Daniel Kim has a number of photos and we must say that he looks very young. On his attorney profile page you can see his degrees are as follows:

  • J.D., Chapman University Dale E. Fowler School of Law
  • B.S. Business Management, University of Maryland

What it does not state is the years in which he graduated and obtained his law degree. While age is not the #1 determining factor when it comes to a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer it does determine how many cases they have won and how much, in compensation, they have secured for their clients.

We will continue to research the SEO company working with Mr. Daniel Kim. We will also do our best to monitor if thecaraccidentlawyer.org shows up in the organic search rankings. We have predicted that organic search rankings help predict the Google Local 3 pack but this is definitely not the case when it comes to Mr. Daniel Kim.

More and more, the Google Local 3 pack is not showing a strong correlation with the organic search results. While some are calling this the Google Possum update we will dig deeper to see what is going on with the local 3 pack results.

In the meantime, try not to go crazy attempting to figure out why Mr. Daniel Kim is in the 3 pack for “Los Angeles car accident lawyer”. Instead, continue to publish unique and strong content on your website and you will find that more search visitors come to your page and eventually call your law firm.

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