Where Did The Law Offices of David Azizi Website Go in the Search Rankings?

Anyone that closely follows the search rankings for Los Angeles personal injury and car accident keywords knows that the Law Offices of David Azizi have been on the front page for almost two years. The firm had a very long car accident page that was changed recently. This page now has many more graphics and is more modernized. For a few months, the page ranked nowhere for “Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer”. In mid September, the areas of practice page for The Law Offices of David Azizi showed back up at #5 or #6.

So, why did this happen?

At this point, most SEO Experts are not 100% confident as to why websites will disappear from the search rankings for a few weeks or a few months and then reappear. It is important to nice that the Law Offices of David Azizi had a complete makeover of their website which took it offline for a few days. It is possible Google stopped ranking the website because it was unable to crawl a newer version of the areas of practice pages.

What we learned from this experiment is taking a website down to redesign it can heart search rankings in the short term. If proper SEO and content has been completed for a website, it will likely come back in the long run. From our knowledge, the website still ranks in about the same place it did prior to the restructuring and rebuild of the website.

As we move forward, we will continue to monitor the search rankings for Los Angeles car accident lawyer to see if any law firms such as the Law Offices of David Azizi disappear and come back at a later time. It is not unusual to see different names pop up for a six month stretch only to find them disappearing after any major Google algorithm update.

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