Los Angeles Personal Injury Rankings #1

Below find the personal injury search rankings for Los Angeles posted on September 27th, 2016. To find the current rankings, use this link – Los Angeles personal injury lawyer rankings.

  1. Wilshire Law Firm – This firm has been in the top spot for many personal injury keyword phrases for quite some time. Expect it to sit on top until someone dethrones it.
  2. Farar & Lewis LLP – Farar & Lewis have been a strong player in the Los Angeles market for quite some time. It looks as if they are trying to make inroads in San Diego which could leave the door open for others in Los Angeles.
  3. Law Offices of Daniel A. Gibalevich – This website is very interesting as it has been around the front page for a number of keywords but has recently dropped for car accident lawyer phrases. This website could be vulnerable to dropping in the coming weeks.
  4. Law Offices of Steven M. Sweat – Steven Sweat has been a player in the online marketing world for personal injury for years. While the website is not the most beautiful, it does the job putting the firm in at #4.
  5. Ellis Law Corporation – Ellis has a news ticket at the top of the homepage which is an interesting touch. One blog post a week might not be enough to move this website higher in the rankings.
  6. Law Offices of Larry H. Parker – Larry H. Parker has been around the block for quite some time when it comes to ranking for Los Angeles personal injury keyword phrases. We are not sure of his next move but it will be an interesting one that could send him higher.
  7. Ehline Law Firm – Ehline Law Firm is very creative in the way they attack internet marketing. They have a number of websites and venture out into social media to look for opportunities. This is another firm that has the potential to be a mover in the next few months.
  8. Carpenter, Zuckerman, and Rowley, LLP – CZR is a newer addition to the top 10 as they have not been ranking for several years like the others above them. That means they have the potential to be a high flyer or could take a hit and drop out of the top 10 just as easily.
  9. SoCal Injury Lawyers – This is the newest website in the top 10. The SoCal Injury Lawyers produce a ton of car accident related content and rank for a number of different automobile accident phrases. It will be interesting to see if they expand to other areas of practice which should push them up in the rankings.
  10. Cellino & Barnes Personal Injury Attorneys – Cellino & Barnes is an interesting case study as they have offices in both New York and Los Angeles. We are not certain which geographic region is getting more money in terms of marketing dollars but there is a huge opportunity if they make a push in the Los Angeles market.

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