Los Angeles Personal Injury Rankings #4

Below find the personal injury search rankings for Los Angeles posted on October 25th, 2016. To find the current rankings, use this link –Los Angeles personal injury lawyer rankings.

  1. Wilshire Law Firm – Still #1 but barely. This is the closest we have ever seen a competitor to overtaking Wilshire. Honestly, if Farar or Cellino & Barnes moved up at all after the search ranking adjustments, we would have moved Wilshire down to #2 or #3. What it looks like is a bunch of different law firms have jumped around.
  2. Farar & Lewis LLP – The top 3 is now interchangeable. We no longer have a clear leader and all of the top 3 are about even when it comes to keyword rankings. In the next week or two, any of the top 10 could make a huge jump into the top 3 or even to the top spot.
  3. Ellis Law Corporation – Just last week we dropped Ellis Law Corporation out of the top 10. They came back with a huge improvement in search rankings as ellisinjurylaw.com actually ranks the highest in Google Organic search for “Los Angeles personal injury lawyer” only behind Avvo and Findlaw. This firm could move to the top spot next week.
  4. Law Offices of Larry H. Parker – Larry H. Parker gets a jump this week from #6 to #4. This firm does very, very well for long tail keywords and has a number of different websites. Moving forward, we think the strategy to have tons of content all over the web will prove to be very important in terms of SEO and ranking on the front page of Google. Look for Larry H. Parker to stay in the top 10 for awhile.
  5. Cellino & Barnes Personal Injury Attorneys – Cellino & Barnes didn’t change all that much in terms of organic search rankings. In fact, we would like to bump them up but they really didn’t benefit from the latest Google algorithm changes that have been going on over the last few days.
  6. Ehline Law Firm – Ehline continues to bounce around the top 10 and will likely stay in the power rankings due to the amount of content and websites his law firm has. Unless something totally unexpected happens, we expect to see Ehline stay near the top for many keyword phrases. As long as his firm produces content on a consistent basis he will be a player in this niche.
  7. Scott J. Corwin, A Professional Law Corporation – Scott Corwin shows up in the Google Local 3 Pack for a number of very competitive personal injury and car accident keyword phrases. While this site doesn’t do extremely well in organic, the fact that it ranks in the local pack makes it a power player in Los Angeles.
  8. SoCal Injury Lawyers – The SoCal Injury Lawyers continue to pump out tons of amazing content. Every single day there are blog posts being published to this very young website. If a few major news outlets or newspapers link to them they are going to jump into the top 5 very quickly. This is one to keep an eye on. They will likely rank in the top 3 for Los Angeles car accident lawyers soon.
  9. Law Offices of Daniel A. Gibalevich – This particular firm is seeing a bounce in the last few weeks. Daniel Gibalevich once dominated the search rankings, then moved back to page 2 or 3 and is now back on the front page for a number of popular keyword phrases. It will be interesting to see if this firm can continue to move up in the rankings.
  10. Mesriani Law Group – Well, it looks like Mesriani is back. This is another firm that ranked on the front page and very close to the top for the most competitive keyword phrases on the Internet. Mesriani is now showing up near the top of page 2 for quite a few car accident and personal injury keywords. Let’s see how long his firm continues to move higher in the rankings.

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Dropping Out – Steers Law Firm

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