Why is Mesriani Law Group #1 in the Los Angeles Local Pack?

If you Google “Los Angeles car accident lawyer” the top result in the Google Maps Local Pack is Mesriani Law Group. Anyone that has monitored Los Angeles personal injury search rankings over the last few years knows that Mesriani Law Group is very aggressive with their Internet Marketing and SEO campaigns.

In 2013 and 2014, Mesriani was in the top 3 organically for almost every personal injury keyword before they were penalized by Google Penguin. Well, it looks as if Mesriani is back. Is this for good and how did they get there?


When Googling for specific car accident lawyer keywords in Los Angeles the Mesriani Law Group is on page #2 or page #3 for most highly search phrases. Interestingly, they are #1 in the Google Local Pack that shows up at the top of organic search on a mobile phone and on desktop. Why would this be the case?

More and more “SEO Experts” have accepted that ranking in the Google Local 3 Pack is completely different than ranking organically. In fact, there are some businesses that only rank in the 3 pack and are nowhere to be found organically. The same is true for the opposite situation. We have noticed many lawyers that rank at the top of the organic search results but aren’t anywhere to be had in the maps.

In the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill market, we have closely monitored Invisalign orthodontists. Orthodontists and Lawyers are fighting a similar battle when it comes to ranking in search. These business professionals know they need to rank in search because potential clients and patients are on their mobile phones looking for their services.

In the RDU area Gladwell Orthodontics ranks well for Raleigh Invisalign in the organic search. In fact, Dr. Gladwell is often #1 or #2 in the organic search rankings. When looking at Google Maps and the local 3 pack, Gladwell Orthodontics is nowhere to be had. It is important to note that Dr. Gladwell’s office is in Wake Forest, North Carolina, which is about 30 miles north of Raleigh, but is considered a suburb. In fact, some that live in Wake Forest have a Raleigh address.

So, why would Dr. Gladwell rank so well for Raleigh Invisalign in the organic search but not at all in maps? Could it be because of the physical location? Is it because he doesn’t have as many reviews as other orthodontists? Is there a specific type of SEO for the Google Local Maps listing?

When looking at the Mesriani Law Group in Los Angeles they have no reviews and the organic search results are not spectacular. Is there a special “backend” coding or update they are using to rank at the top of Google Search for the Local 3 pack? Why is Wilshire, Farar, Larry H. Parker, Ehline, SoCal Injury Lawyers or PSB Law at the top of the Local 3 Pack?

These are questions that simply cannot be answered at this time. We are going to continue to look into this and hopefully figure out just how Mesriani made it all the way back to the top after being penalized years ago. Could a website that was penalized with Penguin still be a good website to use for the Local 3 Pack? Only time will tell.

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