Who is Robert Salinsky and How Does He Rank in the Local 3 Pack for Los Angeles?

When doing some searches this morning, we noticed that the Law Offices of Robert A Salinksy showed up in the local 3 pack for “Los Angeles car accident lawyer“. We are 100% confident this law firm has not ranked well in local search in the recent past nor in organic search.

After doing some research we noticed that the Law Offices of Robert A. Salinsky links to this website – http://www.caraccidentattorneyinlosangeles.net/. Interestingly, Mr. Salinsky has another domain that is more of a personalized law firm website – http://robertsalinsky.com/.

It has become common that law firms are leasing or renting websites that rank well in search. In fact, there is a front page search result for “Los Angeles car accident lawyer” in which the law firm is leasing the space of the website to get leads from Internet searches.

At first glance, it does not look as if the Law Offices of Robert Salinsky have done much in terms of SEO for the exact match domain URL. As we discussed yesterday, websites that were penalized by Google Penguin in the past are now showing up again in the personal injury vertical. Could this be the case with this particular website?

We will continue to monitor the local 3 pack search rankings for “Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer” over the next few weeks to see if this particular law firm stays in the top 3. Our guess is that the Law Offices of Robert A. Salinsky will have a very short amount of time in which they are in the local 3 pack on the the front page of Google search. That said, crazier things have happened.

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